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Chin Strap Ruby Adjustable

Category: CPAP / BIPAP Supplies

Manufacturer: CareFusion

The Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap is an updated design from the original Tiara Topaz Adjustable Chinstrap. Cardinal Health has upgraded this product with Breathe-o-Prene material and improved Velcro attachments.

This product is available only in size Extra Large. If size Standard is needed consider the Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap with Extension Strap. The Extension Strap allows for use by various size heads.

Wearing the Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap: The strap that passes over the back of the head is approximately 3 inches wide. The strap that passes over the top or crown of the head is much thinner, approximately 1 inch.

Orient the chinstrap so that the thin strap is pointing toward the top of the head and the wide strap around the back of the head.

Pull the chin cup over the chin.
Close the crown, or top strap, adjusting the Velcro closure as needed.
Close the wide, back strap, adjusting the Velcro closure as needed.
One strap will pass on each side of the ear. Product Info Request

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