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Wound Care

Hollister :: Adhesive Remover and Barrier Wipes

Adhesive Remover and Barrier Wipes

Product Benefits Gentle solvent removes adhesives and cements; makes removal fast and easy. Effective for most adhesives and safe to use on adult skin. Easy to use in a convenient wipe package.

Medline :: CURAD Cloth Silk Adhesive Tape

CURAD Cloth Silk Adhesive Tape

With its strong woven construction, this cloth silk-like tape is perfect for affixing dressings. It is water repellent and easy to tear. Hypoallergenic. Latex-Free. 

Medline :: CURAD Paper Adhesive Tape

CURAD Paper Adhesive Tape

A gentle, breathable tape for sensitive skin recommended especially for pediatric and geriatric patients. Flexible and conformable, hypoallergenic. Adheres well to damp skin. Latex-Free.

Medline :: CURAD Transparent Adhesive Tape

CURAD Transparent Adhesive Tape

A breathable perforated plastic tape that permits skin examination without tape removal. Provides a clean and easy bilateral tear. Excellent tape to hold facial dressings or for IV sites and tubing retention. Latex-Free.

3M :: Medipore Cloth Tape

Medipore Cloth Tape

Tear easy with perforated rolls less wast from misapplication. Hypoallergenic soft for skin and breathable. Available sizes: 2 x 2 yard, 4  x 2 yard, 6 x 2 yard, 1 x 10 2 x 10 yard, 3 x 10 yard, 4 x 10 yard, 6 x 10 yard, 8 x 10 yard.

Hy-Tape :: The Original Pink Tape®

The Original Pink Tape®

Latex-free, zinc oxide-based tape is soothing to delicate skin. Protective nature is perfect for extended wear. Waterproof and washable; apply to wet skin without slipping or detaching. Conforms easily to all body control.